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                                    CORNS CREATIONS VIDEOGRAPHY


                                                  Robert T. Corns

                                           5276 Whitehaven Avenue

                                           North Olmsted, OH  44070




Wedding Date_____________________      Starting Time________________________


Bride’s Name_____________________       Groom’s Name______________________


Address__________________________      Address____________________________


City______________________________     City________________________________


State___Zip Code__________________     State___          Zip Code________________


Phone # (___) _____________________      Phone # (____) ______________________


E-Mail Address__________________________________________________________


Location of



Time & Date of



Location of



Time of Reception_________________


                                    MERCHANDISE AND SERVICES CONTRACTED

___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________



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                                            CORNS CREATIONS VIDEOGRAPHY

                                                       “Videos for All Occasions!”


We would like to thank you for inquiring about Corns Creations Videography (CCV).  We have been shooting videos for 25 years now and, thanks in part to our low overhead, our company offers affordable wedding and event videos with that unique, personal touch.  We here at CCV believe in making each video a personalized memory of the participant’s special day.


A typical wedding video may include the following:

Pictures of the bride and groom from babies to the present time along with them dating backed with a selection of their favorite songs; A video montage of the wedding party for the opening; the entire wedding ceremony is videotaped.  We use 2-3 cameras to get different views of the ceremony.  Additionally, the groom is “miked” with a wireless microphone to better pick up the wedding vows.


The wedding reception, which usually includes:

Inside and outside the reception hall before the guests arrive; the entrance of the newlyweds; the dinner toasts; the bridal dance and selected dances; the father/daughter, mother/son dance; the cutting of the cake; the bouquet and garter toss; interviews and testimonials from the bridal party, family and selected friends; and a video montage of the reception.


The video, which could run 90 minutes to 2 ½ hours is recorded onto either standard or High Definition DVD format and is authored and chaptered with titles and music. The entire package, which includes two extra copies of the DVD, costs _____$ ______________ Please call us at your earliest convenience to set up a time and date that we can come over with a demonstration tape and go over it with you.  Upon receipt of a nonrefundable $250.00 deposit (by check, cash or PayPal), your wedding day is reserved.  If you need a list of references of customers that we have done weddings for in the past, we will happily provide them to you upon request.


A wedding is one of life’s most treasured events.  Don’t trust an amateur or an invited relative or friend to film it.  We are there to tape your wedding and reception and we will be there for everything that goes on during your special day and evening.  We here at CCV would like you to relive this important day and make it a memory that will last forever.




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TOTAL CONTRACT AMOUNT_____$____________________________________


_____$___________________ Deposit received to reserve video coverage for above date.  This deposit is nonrefundable and will be deducted from your total contract amount.


BALANCE CAN BE PAID AT THE REHEARSAL. (Video should be ready approximately 6-8 weeks after event date, provided all materials are given to CCV).


If paying by PayPal, it’s



                                    TERMS OF THE CONTRACT

1. Any photographs needed for the wedding video that are provided by the client, such as baby pictures, growing up pictures and dating pictures and favorite song requests must be given to CCV no later than 30 days before the event unless prior arrangements are made.  Pictures need to be arranged in sequential order.  Please number the preferred order on the back of the picture.  Please include at least 25-30 pictures of the bride growing up and at least 25-30 pictures of the groom growing up and at least 25 dating pictures.  All pictures, including photographs taken by CCV, will be returned when the video is complete.


2. All videos are the property of CCV, but raw, unedited footage of the event may be purchased by the client within six (6) months of the event at a price of $100.00.  CCV reserves the right to use these videos as sample of their work.


3. All possible precautions are taken to supply client with videos of the contracted event.  However, if by an act of God, equipment failure or any unforeseen circumstance, videos cannot be supplied, the extent of CCV liability is limited to return to the client all deposits and payments.


4. Your videographer cannot be held responsible for the Church’s preference of where the videographer can set up equipment, weather conditions, lighting at the Church and reception hall, anticipated delays, subject cooperation or content of subject’s testimonial.  If there is objectionable content that you want edited after viewing the tape, there will be an additional charge. 





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5. A CCV videographer will come to the Church rehearsal on the day it is scheduled to speak with the celebrant in regards to where equipment will be set up and may also take candid videos at no extra charge.


6. If client requests another videographer be present at the ceremony, there will be an additional charge of $150.00. Also, if there is additional editing requested by the client after video is delivered, the editing fees are $50.00 per hour with a 5-hour minimum.


7. CCV will need the wedding invitation, reception card and directions to the Church and reception hall 30 days prior to the event.  Additionally, if there is no program at the Church, CCV will need to be provided with a list (neatly printed for proper spelling) of who is in the wedding party and any special people that you would like CCV to interview at the reception.  Also, please provide a list of “favorite songs” for both the bride and groom.  If no list is provided, it will be up to the discretion of CCV to choose appropriate songs.  The list of songs can be given to the videographer the night of the rehearsal (see page 5).


8. Unless otherwise told, the videographer will assume that he/she will be seated at the reception and will be served a meal.  Also, there would be a travel expense of $100 if event is more than 75 miles away and videographer has to stay overnight.


9. The following items are not included in your package, but may be added at an additional price:

            *The Pre-Wedding Video Interview ($175.00)            


            *Taking videos between the wedding and reception ($75.00). **


            *Honeymoon pictures with appropriate song ($60.00). **


            *Reflections Package shown on 8 Foot screen at Reception ($250.00) *** or

              presented on a TV monitor throughout the reception ($150.00).


            *Edited (30-45 minute) version of wedding on DVD ($160.00)


            **Free with Package #3 ***$175.00 if you take Package #3


10. Prices of this contract are guaranteed upon receipt of signed contract and designated deposit.




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11. If cancellation of the wedding occurs or for any other reason the wedding does not commence, there will be absolutely no refund of deposits or payments made to CCV due to the turning away of potential business that CCV could have contracted for.


BRIDE’S SIGNATURE___________________________________________________________________


GROOM’S SIGNATURE___________________________________________________________________


VIDEO REPRESENTATIVE_____________________________________________________________


DATE OF AGREEMENT__________________________________________________________________





Favorite song (or artist) of Bride*                               Favorite song (or artist) of Groom*


 ________________________________________ ____________________________________


(Dating)* _______________________________ (Opening) ______________________________


 (Middle) ______________________________   (End) __________________________________



*If going with Package #3.
















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                                                         THE WEDDING PARTY


Best Man_____________________________________________________________________


Maid (Matron) Of Honor______________________________________________________



Flower Girl_______________________________________________________________________________




Ring Bearer________________________________________________________________________


Parents of the Bride_________________________________________________________________________


Parents of the Groom________________________________________________________________________













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